Promoting Person-Centred Encounter, Worldwide

Our Story

Teri and Dave established Encounter Events as a not-for-profit organisation in 2015, to offer an ongoing series of participant-facilitated encounter groups.

We are passionate about the person-centred encounter group process as we believe it offers an unrivalled opportunity for personal growth. Encounter Events Limited is a not-for-profit company. We use any surplus to provide bursaries for future events. These bursaries make it possible for some people to take part who otherwise could not attend such an event.

Why Person-Centred Encounter Groups?

We believe that person-centred encounter groups will offer a unique opportunity for participants to develop:

  • a more person-centred way of being, by having a space to develop greater congruence through our openness to encounter each other and, in so doing, encounter ourselves
  • a deeper understanding of person-centred theory and practice.

Why Participant-Facilitated Groups?

We wanted to take a minimal hands-off approach in the groups we organise, with every participant having an equal role and responsibility in the group. We, therefore, believe that in making the group participant-facilitated, we can achieve a greater sense of equality. We want the groups to be as accessible as possible, and cost is a significant barrier for many people. Having no paid facilitator helps keep costs down.

Carl Rogers wrote a fantastic paper, My Way of Facilitating a Group, which forms the basis of our understanding of group facilitation. We consider every member of the group an equal co-facilitator. Like Carl, we have “no specific goal for a particular group and [we] sincerely want it to develop its own directions”. Each group will be what it will be.

Encounter Events provide accommodation and facilities. The participants do the rest. This lack of pre-defined structure makes every encounter group unique: a wonderful blank-canvas experience.