Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

‘We’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ refer to Encounter Events Limited, commonly known as Encounter Events. ‘You’ and ‘your’ refer to the reader of this document and anyone who uses our website or any service we provide.

Intellectual property

We own the copyright to everything on this site, except images licensed to us. If you acknowledge Encounter Events appropriately, you may download, print, and reproduce this material for your private, non-commercial use.

If you want to use anything on our site for any other purpose, you must ask for permission first. You cannot assume that you have permission to use the material because it is publicly available.

If you use anything from our site, you must not change it or use it in a derogatory way.

We will enforce our intellectual property rights if you use anything from our site without permission.

Confidentiality and privacy

We will keep any personal information you provide safely and will only use it for the reasons we state. We will not sell or otherwise share your data, and you can find more about how you use data in our privacy policy.


When you book an event, you supply us with your email address. We will use this email address to send you joining instructions and other important information. We are not responsible for the successful delivery of the email once it has left our servers.

Payments and refunds

You agree to pay in full when you book an event, even if you do not attend. If you want to make a tentative booking, please contact us. You must not use the standard booking form to make a provisional booking.

If we send you an invoice, you must pay the invoice in full within 30 days of the invoice date.

You must make payment in pounds sterling. If we give a refund, we will send the money to the account you used for payment.

VAT and tax changes

We set our fees using the rate of VAT or other taxes in force at the time. If tax rates change between the date of booking and the delivery of a service, we will need to adjust the price accordingly, and you will be responsible for payment of any additional monies due. Similarly, if a venue or service we use becomes VAT registered between the booking date and the start of an event, we will have to pass on the VAT charge.

Cancellations and amendments

We can cancel an event or booking at any time without explaining. If we cancel an event or booking, we will provide a full refund of any money you have paid.

If we need to cancel or change an event, we will tell you as soon as possible. If we change the date of an event, we will move your booking to the new date. However, if this is not suitable, we will offer a full refund of any monies you have paid.

Except as above, all bookings are final, and full payment will be required, even if you do not attend an event.

Accuracy of content

We ensure that any information we provide is correct and accurate, but errors can happen. Any views or opinions expressed on our website are those of the individual author, and they do not represent the views of everyone in our organisation.

Sometimes we include links to content on other websites. We are not responsible for the content of other sites, and sometimes sites can contain viruses or other harmful content. You are responsible for the sites you visit and for keeping your systems free of viruses, trojans etc.

Encounter groups

Encounter groups can be challenging and emotionally demanding, and you are responsible for your conduct and participation in groups. Our groups are self-facilitated, and no other person has responsibility for your psychological safety. We recommend you do not participate in a group if you feel emotionally vulnerable.

We conduct our online encounter groups in Zoom. We are not responsible for their software and cannot guarantee that it will work for you and will not compensate you if you cannot connect using Zoom.

Limits of liability

We are not responsible for any loss or damage you suffer using our website, including harm from viruses, trojans or other cyber-attacks, emotional harm or upset, or any other perceived loss, damage or injury. Nor are we responsible for any losses incurred due to our website being inaccessible to you.

We are not responsible for any harm you believe you may have suffered through your participation in encounter groups.

Should we cancel an event or booking, our liability is limited to the amount you paid to us. We are not responsible for any other losses, including travel, accommodation, or other expenses you might have incurred.

In any event, our liability will be limited to the amount you paid for the service we provide.

Hacking, intrusions and cyber-attacks

You must not attempt to change any of the content of our site or access it in any other way than through the links we publish. There is no public access to the backend of our site. If we detect an attempted intrusion, we will block your access and may take legal action against you. We are not responsible for any loss you suffer from our blocking of your access.

Legal jurisdiction

We are registered in England, where English law applies. You agree that we will use English law to resolve any dispute.