Person-Centred Encounter Events


As we move into a phase of living with Covid, we can resume in-person groups. However, we still do not have a suitable venue. If you know of a reasonably priced venue able to accommodate 30–50 people (single occupancy), please send us details ASAP.

Online Encounter Group

Regular Online Encounter Events

We host three online Person-Centred Encounter Groups each year. The groups will run from the third Friday evening to the following Sunday afternoon, in January, April and October each year. If the April event would clash with Easter, we will move it back one week..

Donation-based pricing (from free).

Online Encounter Group

Annual Residential Event

We plan to continue to hold 5-day in-person residential Person-Centred Encounter Groups running from the evening of the first Wednesday in July to the following Sunday afternoon. During the current pandemic, we are running a 3-day online encounter in place of the residential event.

However, we are looking for a suitable venue for future events. If you know of a low-cost venue with a capacity of 30-50 guests, please send details to Thanks.

Carl Rogers facilitating a Person-Centred Encounter Group

What's it All About?

The person-centred encounter group provides opportunity to meet one another in a deeper, more personal way. “In such a group the individual comes to know himself and each of the others more completely than is possible in the usual social or working relationships.” (Rogers, C. 1969, Encounter Groups, p16).

Other groups

Other Groups

We very much want to promote Encounter and will happily advertise other encounter groups. We are in the process of creating a directory of groups and organisations offering encounter groups. Please contact us if you’d like your group to be included.

…the encounter group has a clearly existential implication in its increasing ability to emphasise the here and now of human feelings and living one’s life…
Carl Rogers (1969)

Person-Centred Encounter Events

“The person-centred group is an event in which there is non-directive facilitation that fosters freedom and personal enhancement of the individual.
Jerold Bozarth (2005).


The Person-Centred Basic Encounter Group is a basis both for person-centred meeting and for developing person-centred being. A group may include designated facilitators or be self-facilitated by the participants. Either way, ideally, the Rogerian conditions, as they apply to groups, are held in mind, as we open ourselves to encounter each other: to hear; to understand; to offer others and ourselves acceptance of our experiencing in these moments of meeting. All our encounter groups are participant-facilitated, and so have no desigated facilitator.